The path to inner calm for event selling
From event scheduling to sales forecasting & inventory tracking, Zenshows is mindful of the myriad of details that go into event selling so you can focus on growing your business.
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The Platform

The path to inner calm for event selling


Running an event selling business is complex. Logistics, staffing, product, inventory management, reporting all have to be balanced.

Download data from your retailer automatically. Tabulate, sort, organize, and report that data to your partners in the staffing companies and your staff on the ground at the event. Zenshows gives you all the tools and information you need to efficiently plan, manage, track and forecast your business.

Staffing Agencies

Monitor your field sales staff with GPS based location tracking.

Automatically get the data from the vendors you need to manage your events. Streamline communications flow with online images, text messages, voicemails and documents all stored in one convenient location. Simplify accounting with payroll integration.

Event Staff

Get the data you need every morning from your vendor to gauge your sales efforts.

Communicate with your management teams through text messages, voice recordings or images sent directly from your phone. Seamless communication directly to vendor through agency approved channels. Realtime view of hours worked, online schedules, and maps and calendars for your events.

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Mike Fullman


About Us

Built on 10 Years of Real World Event Selling Experience

Zenshows founder Mike Fullman built Zenshows from the ground up to support his own event selling business bringing eco-friendly fashion accessories to market. Zenshows includes the full suite of tools Mike developed to support the processes and best practices that helped drive revenue from zero to millions of dollars. Zenshows management and collaboration tools were created to coordinate a 20 person field sales teams dedicated to selling at Costco Roadshows.

Zenshows packages Mike’s seven years of real world experience gained in every aspect of the event selling business into a cloud tool box that you can use to drive your roadshow business to new heights.

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